At Protect Americans Now,
our mission is to educate people about government overreach in our daily lives using private property, land use, monument designation, and endangered species regulations.


Protect Americans Now was conceived with one sole mission; to educate Americans on the government overreach that impacts our everyday lives. Using government regulations, the often-abused Endangered Species Act and Monument Land grabs, the government is attacking private property and land use rights.

Protect Americans Now is a non-profit organization dedicated to affecting and changing government policy. Through careful research of better solutions designed for a brighter future for generations of New Mexicans to come, we actively educate the public on a broad range of issues that affect them daily, either directly or indirectly.


Become a Vital Part of the Solution

Becoming Stronger, Together

To achieve our goals, PAN is actively involved with legislation on local, state, and federal levels. We have introduced and lobbied for legislation that protects our lands from excessive regulation and government overreach.

In addition, we are a resource for those who want to support New Mexicans and encourage an active and informed public who have a voice on policy issues. We travel the state to gather stories and conduct research, communicate with the public and learn from their input, and present educational information to create a well-rounded approach to mindful environmental stewardship.


Why We’re Here

PAN exists to push back against the government’s overreach into our daily lives. The rapid spread of an overreaching federal government is afflicting our country and endangering the freedoms and rights of all Americans at an alarming rate.

The symptoms of this encroachment are all around us:

    • Excessive regulations
    • Federal land grabs
    • Abuse of power
    • Growing national debt

To cure our infection of excessive government control, management decisions must be rightfully returned to state and local governing bodies.

We must take a balanced approach to environmental protection, enforce and defend the U.S. Constitution, limit government spending, and take a common sense approach towards managing our public lands.


Together We Can Restore A Healthy America