Safety issues are a real concern on our Southern Border

April 17, 2017 pan-admin No comments exist

Recently a U.S. Border Patrol agent avoided getting stabbed by an undocumented immigrant thanks to his radio.


According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, agents from the Border Patrol and Air and Marine Operations responded Tuesday to a report of about 10 migrants walking in the desert southwest of Tucson.


An agent contacted one of the migrants who was attempting to flee and the person pulled out a knife, attempting to stab the agent. The migrant instead stabbed the agent’s handheld radio, which was attached to his body armor.


Border Patrol agents were able to subdue the migrant and the man was detained.


Every day we read and hear these types of stories. Every day Americans are impacted by the open border situation.


The new administration has made immigration a centerpiece of their policy. We are confident vigorous efforts will be made.


But we can’t sit back and just wait. We must fight.


We must continue to discuss this issue.


We must continue to publish these stories. Post them to Facebook. Tweet them out!


We must keep this issue front and center or it will drift back into the ether and be buried by politicians too politically correct to act.


Government overreach must be curtailed. It is our responsibility to ensure this happens.

Stay informed. Contact your representatives.

Tweet the President.              @POTUS @realDonaldTrump


Education is our best defense. Let’s use it!


Question: How has illegal immigration impacted you, your family and your business?


Please join us today and help us fight for America.




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