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August 2, 2017 pan-admin 1 comment



Protect Americans Now
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A Blog for today’s and tomorrow’s generation of Americans


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Sounds simple enough: But in today’s over regulated, over litigated world that laser focus has been intentionally blurred by agenda driven politicians.


Well, if you’ve had enough then you’ve found an ally. Welcome to Protect Americans Now


PAN is a non-profit organization dedicated to affecting and changing policy, through careful research of better solutions designed for a brighter future for generations of New Mexicans to come.  We actively educate the public on a broad range of issues that affect them daily.


We strive to provide education for our communities and the issues facing them. 

  • Land use
  • Endangered species act
  • Border safety
  • Removal of the barriers that tie the hands of businesses and producers
  • Supporting land owners
  • Preserving the jobs of hard working men and women
  • Offering a well-rounded approach to mindful environmental stewardship. 

In addition to educating the public on issues, we also are a resource for those who want to support New Mexicans and to encourage an active and informed public, who have a voice in policy issues. We travel the state to gather stories and conduct research, communicate with the public and learn from their input, and present educational information.


PAN pushes back against the government’s attack on our constitutional rights through common sense solutions. The rapid spread of an overreaching federal government is afflicting our country and endangering the freedoms and rights of all Americans at an alarming rate.  The symptoms of this encroachment are all around us:

  • Excessive regulations
  • Federal land grabs
  • Abuse of power
  • Growing national debt.


To cure this infection of excessive government control, management decisions must be rightfully returned to state and local governing bodies.  We must take a balanced approach to environmental protection, enforce and defend the U.S. Constitution, limit government spending, and take a common sense approach toward managing our public lands. Together we can restore a healthy America!


Protect Americans Now strives to help New Mexicans thrive! And you can get involved. For a small $25 annual donation your Protect Americans Now membership will include


  • Call to Actions
  • Access to comments, research and policy
  • Monthly calendar and statewide meetings
  • Updates on legislation
  • Opportunity to sign on to litigation
  • Updates on Bureau of Land Management, Forest Service Rule Changes and newly listed Endangered Species


Government overreach must be curtailed. It is our responsibility to ensure this happens. Education is our best defense. Let’s use it! Stay informed.


Contact your representatives. Tweet the President.

@POTUS         @realDonaldTrump


Question: How has government overreach affected your life?

Tell us what you think

Please join us today and help us fight for American. http://www.protectamericansnow.org/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ProtectAmericansNow/

Twitter https://twitter.com/PAN4NM


1 Comment on “Welcome to Protect Americans Now

  1. I’ve driven from Phoenix to New Mexico twice, to attend events related to your efforts. The first trip was to Animas, for the meeting that followed the kidnapping of a man who was working on a ranch, near that town.
    I was incredibly moved by everything that was said at that meeting of 500+ ranchers, law enforcement, and other people interested in solving the twin problems of our federal government’s default surrender of our US border with Mexico and its onerous infringement on ranchers’ land use rights and water rights, all of which predate our very republic! I recommend the video. It’s at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vowzof84bGo
    I cannot commend your group enough for forming this organization, as well as the forthrightness with which you are conducting your efforts to stem the tide that has too-long gone against honest Americans trying to live their lives. What we have seen has literally been the abandonment, by the federal government, of its most basic responsibility to physically protect and defend Americans, and to assist them—not oppose them!—in managing the lands and waters they need for their animals.
    I will be increasing my efforts to assist in spreading the word about the problems you are working to correct. We are talking about defending a key element of the American way of life. Every one of us should be acting, as one, to accomplish that.

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