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This is Your Blog

The Protect Americans Now (PAN) blog is up and running. We’ve started to get some great feedback on the blogs and we’re encouraging even more.


We’d like to hear from you on issues that are most important.


As you know PAN’s #1 priority is education. We want to get the message out there, but we want to hear from you which issues are most important.

  • Do you have a recent example of government overreach in your life?
  • Have you or your friends been impacted by invasive government regulations?
  • Has your business suffered as a result of government interference?
  • Do you have specific issues you’d like us to lend resources
  • Do you have a success story on beating back government infringement?

We strive to provide professional research and education for our communities and the issues facing them. 

  • Land use
  • Endangered species act
  • Border safety
  • Removal of the barriers that tie the hands of businesses and producers
  • Supporting land owners
  • Preserving the jobs of hard working men and women
  • Offering a well-rounded approach to mindful environmental stewardship.

In addition to educating the public on issues, we also are a resource for those who want to support New Mexicans and to encourage an active and informed public, who have a voice in policy issues. We travel the state to gather stories and conduct research, communicate with the public and learn from their input, and present educational information.


PAN pushes back against the government’s attack on our constitutional rights through common sense solutions. The rapid spread of an overreaching federal government is afflicting our country and endangering the freedoms and rights of all Americans at an alarming rate.  The symptoms of this encroachment are all around us:

  • Excessive regulations
  • Federal land grabs
  • Abuse of power
  • Growing national debt.

To cure this infection of excessive government control, management decisions must be rightfully returned to state and local governing bodies.  We must take a balanced approach to environmental protection, enforce and defend the U.S. Constitution, limit government spending, and take a common sense approach toward managing our public lands. Together we can restore a healthy America!


This is your blog. Please let us hear from you. Together we can Protect Americans Now!


Tell us what you think


Please join us today and help us fight for American.




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