PAN supports balanced policy to require state and local governments to compensate owners when their regulations reduce the value of property in ways not justified by public safety needs.



The power to take property through eminent domain is frequently abused by the government for unnecessary and unreasonable purposes. This practice harms landowners by forcing them to expend their valuable resources -- through expensive legal proceedings -- to simply keep the property they have owned for decades.


This is inherently unfair to hard-working Americans.

PAN cares about the rights of landowners.

The constitutional right to private property must be defended.

PAN is committed to educating the public, Legislators and Congress on the importance of property rights, illustrate how landowners across the country are adversely affected by government action and discuss practical solutions to protect the constitutional rights of property owners.

As Americans, we must not be complacent when the government infringes on our individual liberties and restricts our constitutional rights; we must ensure that government is kept in check and does not overreach the limitations placed on its power.


PAN is committed to educating the public and keeping government in its proper place. That serves the interests of the people rather than the interests of “Big Government.”