Endangered Species Act Reform



PAN supports a scientific based program that balances a common-sense approach to protecting endangered species while recognizing private property rights and the need for continued economic growth.


Listings, designations of critical habitat and the development of necessary recovery plans are not accompanied by adequate public notice and opportunity for comment.


The Endangered Species Act (ESA) should provide for earlier and more meaningful opportunities for citizens to participate.


ESA mandates have severely restricted the use and value of privately owned property. When severe restrictions occur without compensation by the federal government, the ESA shifts the costs to individual citizens.


The ESA must be modified to justly compensate landowners in a timely fashion when private property is preserved in a habitat conservation plan. 


By changing the approach the government takes to saving and preserving endangered species from adversarial to one of cooperation and inclusion, we can expect more species to be saved and a higher regard for the law by the public in general.