Land Use

At Protect Americans Now, we advocate for the responsible use of private lands, without barriers placed by bureaucratic red tape.


Family farms, family ranches, and small family-owned businesses hold a special place in our state’s history, and help to make it more diverse, more productive, and overall more economically sound. 


In order to continue the tradition of family and small locally owned operations, the right to use private lands is imperative.


When private land use is restricted, farmers, ranchers, producers and small business owners suffer.


The right to utilize the roads, lands and waters on one’s own property is one of the great freedoms that preserves our culture, as well as strengthen our economy.




We believe that protecting these uses and the livelihoods of those whose jobs depend on land use, while still paying the utmost attention to protecting the environment around us, is fundamental to ensuring that our state is successful generations to come.